Lowe’s Garage, LLC,
Offers Towing and Automobile Repair in Emeigh, PA





Proudly Serving Indiana, Cambria, and Clearfield counties

Towing and Roadside Assistance Available 24/7

Lowe’s Garage, LLC, offers towing and automobile repair in Emeigh, PA. Since 1973, we have offered full service 24/7 towing and road service for light and medium vehicles. Our service area includes Cambria, Indiana, and Clearfield counties in Pennsylvania.
We also offer full service roadside assistance with comprehensive coverage against accidental damages. There is no limit to how far our tow truck will go, either. Is your vehicle broken down and you need a tow truck? We can help! Call us at (814) 948-7158.

Repairing Corvette and Muscle Cars is a Lowe’s Garage Specialty

Towing is only one service Lowe’s Garage, LLC, offers. We also work with muscle cars, including:
Lowe’s Garage, LLC, is a muscle car specialist garage. We are here to please when it comes to repairing your muscle car’s, brakes, exhaust, and other mechanics components.

Get Your Brakes, Shocks, and Automobile Tune Ups Done Right

While providing full service towing and roadside assistance is our strong suit, we certainly have the know-how for all automobile repairs. Along with being a Corvette and muscle car specialist, we fix exhaust systems and do pipe bending for all vehicles. Repairing brakes, rotors, shocks, and struts is a cinch for us. Automobile tune ups and computer diagnostics are also available, as are tire and Interstate battery sales. Lowe’s Garage, LLC, has the mechanical know-how to get your car back on the road in great condition.

Vehicle Inspections and Emissions in Emeigh, PA

Lowe’s Garage, LLC, also provides automobile inspections and emissions testing. Our location in Emeigh serves the region, so call today to schedule your vehicle’s annual inspection.

To ensure our customer vehicles will pass state inspection, we follow all Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicle guidelines. Our skilled mechanics compare your registration against your Vehicle Information Number (VIN) and other records. We test the windshield wipers, horn, and warning lights. We also test the suspension components and steering. Our repair technicians check the braking and fuel systems, the tires and wheels, as well as the windows and mirrors. Lowe’s Garage, LLC, also makes sure the speedometer, seatbelts, and safety equipment are all functional. Finally, our experienced staff inspects the body and chassis for rust and leaks. We will also check for anything that may put the vehicle or driver at risk.